Travis Swiftfoot

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Travis Swiftfoot is the fifth in line of the Swiftfoot heritage. His great-great grandfather, Dimble Swiftfoot was given the name for being a daring thief. As quick as he was, he was caught trying to steal the Queen’s jewels and hanged until his swift feet stopped kicking. This is how the next few generations of Swiftfoots basically lived out their lives: daring, dangerous and many would could stupid. To them, it was less about stupidity and more so a cause and effect of their own curiosity. Could they climb the wall? For what purpose? Is their something on the other side and if so, why is their a wall guarding it? It must be expensive!

Travis Swiftfoot was a great student in any field he wished to learn. While Dimble and his sons stole physical objects, Travis would steal knowledge (then use that knowledge to get what he wanted). He was never a tough or strong boy and so he learned Gnomish fighting tricks and maneuvers from the barracks commander, he learned to be silent within the dark Gnome halls under the mountain, he learned a few simple tricks and magic spells from a Dwarfish Wizard who had taken up settlement there, and lastly, he learned how to be betraying and nimble by his own father.

The Gnome mine where Travis lived, hinged on order. Seeing how he possesses his fathers uncanny instinct for getting into trouble, he felt as if the weight of his city come down on him. If a ruler went missing at school, he would be the first they would check. If someone had carved graffiti on the barracks, it would be him they first questioned. Eventually, this all became too much for Travis. He had studied everything he could in the Gnome mine and he grew bored of it. He wrote a particularly scarring book about the Gnomish Prince and left.

He traveled the world in search of gold and adventure (either one leads to the other). He studied everything he could, but unlike a scholar, he managed to put it to work and con, bluff and cheat his way through life with it. Misfortunes and trouble would always lead to something tasty at the end of the path.

Eventually, Travis came to a place where Gnomes were so far and few in between, most not even knowing the massive Gnome city under the mighty mountain he once had taken up stay. He would lie to folk, taking advantage of their ignorance, sprouting stories of a massive Gnome flying city and how he is the ambassador for his ‘High Lords Reign’. Travis didn’t care for what he said or to who. He viewed himself as not being a part of the world around him. Whatever cause he had would never effect him back.

So Travis came to Shiro where he was to begin his next big story.


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