High fantasy with japanese names but nothing else japanese. DRAGONS AREN’T COMMON, KIAN

Basically set in Greyhawk with random and minor alterations to things.

Firstly, the world is called Aka (yes things do have stupid japanese names) and within this world there are many oceans, continents, provinces, cities, villages, (all equipped with treacherous lands), races, governments, classes, and whateverelse.

Basically these things are clear:
  • Information is not a vastly traded commodity. The characters in this world don’t know much about places far away.
  • Humans and Elves are the most common races in the world where you’ll begin (Sekai)
  • Gnomes and Half-Orcs are nowhere near common, and the people of Sekai don’t really know if they flourish anywhere (or where that place could be).

The beginning of the game will take place mostly on Sekai, I imagine, although characters have the option to go to other continents as they wish. I’ll add any more important info here as I see fit, but most things will be in the description of Sekai and it’s provinces.


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