Sekai is the northernmost continent in the world of Aka. The campaign begins in eastern Sekai.

The continent is broken up into many provinces. Between the eastern provinces there isn’t much trade, really, but the west is even more remote.

The climate of Sekai is generally quite temperate, and only gets cold on the highest mountaintops. There are most commonly forests and plains but the coasts do harbor many mountain ranges. A few large mountains, surrounded by unfriendly jungles, can be found on the southernmost coast of eastern Sekai. There is a large gulf in the south, between the Kage Province and the Shiro Province.

Known provinces of Eastern Sekai:

In the east it is popular to name a province after it’s capital city, and therefore can be simplistic or confusing. What decides a capital city is the inhabitants of the province. Generally the largest and most popular city will always be made capital, although this can be voted upon and changed more than once.

The largest harbor-town in all of Sekai is Amaterasu, located far to the east. This is the link to the rest of the world. Sekai’s current capital is Hashi, although currently in competition with Amaterasu for popularity.


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