N4-T3 is what’s generally known as a Warforged, although in Sekai there is no distinction among commoners between his kind and any creature of wood and steel. They are simply constructs with no mind of their own. N4-T3 is roughly 6’ tall and assumedly male. He carries a massive axe with him and does not appear to be wearing any armor (although his body appears to be made of fine materials).


N4-T3 has been living in Shiro for some time now, with empty memories and a head full of questions. His only goal thus far has been to find out why he’s here and where he came from. After traveling much across eastern Sekai, N4-T3 found information about Shiro and it sounded familiar. He headed for the port city in hopes of learning more of his past, and thought to find company while upon this lengthy journey.


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