Jeffery in an average-looking man in his mid-twenties. Standing 6’ tall with short brown hair, he generally has a neutral or happy look on his face. Jeffery wears a full suit of platemail when traveling in dangerous areas, but has a fine set of clothing for parties and other diplomatic interactions. He has a british accent, varying in intensity depending on his mood.


Jeffery grew up in a small town near Kage, Sekai and has always lived a simple life there. When he came of age, he headed across the Sekai Gulf and started warrior training in Shiro.

His life has been driven (so it seems) by a desire to do the right thing, or at least what is asked of him. Internally however he secretly wishes to cast aside his obedient, mediocre life and perform some great duty for mankind.

Currently he is a member of the royal guard in Shiro, and is on good terms with the nobility. Jeffery is always seeking some kind of adventure, but would need something pretty serious to get him to leave Shiro behind.

He is racist toward Half-Orcs in general and doesn’t really approve of Half-Elves either. Halfings though, are fine in his books.

He is in imminent danger of being covertly bull-rushed off the airship in a ‘disagreement’ with the CDO of Sylvester Tails LLC.


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