The bustling capital of Sekai, Hashi has had longstanding popularity and wealth. Located on the north-eastern side of Sekai, the Hashi Province is covered by various kinds of terrain.

Holding the Dwarven capital Kuro in its huge mountain tops, and being less than a day’s travel from this side of the continent’s largest forest, Hashi has much to see within its borders. In general the province is on the colder side, but the capital is just bordering between Shiro and Kage (and their warmer climates).

Hashi has one of the most diverse populations in all of Sekai, second only to the harbor town of Amaterasu. It’s a place where anyone who’s anyone will end up one day or another.

Amaterasu has recently been in competition with Hashi for its popularity. The continent’s capital has been making extra effort to keep its status among the people by throwing more festivities and offering cheaper properties within the city and its province’s borders. If enough of the people of Sekai call for a vote, Amaterasu will be given the opportunity to become the official capital of Sekai.


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