Ame spirit axe

The Ame spirit axe is an enormous double-headed axe with a long wooden haft, always decorated with arcane sigils, shamanic beads and totems. It is roughly the same size as the great axes used by warforged guards in Hoshi center, and berserkers of Sekai.

The weapon is usually constructed with as little metal as possible to save weight, frequently being made of Darkwood or mithril, or having smaller heads than normal for an axe of such size.

The spirit axe is given to shamans of all paths in the elven tribes of Ame once they have completed their rite of passage into adulthood.

The spirit axe is usually carried purely as a mark of caste and magical prowess, but when a shaman is trained in its use it is a very deadly weapon. However, a shaman trained in combat usually elects to also carry an Ame long knife or hunting spear as they are of more use.

Ame spirit axe

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