Ame long knife

The Ame long knife is an immense double-edged blade, at least five feet in length without counting the large two-handed hilt. It is very similar to the greatswords wielded by some knights and warriors in Sekai.

The weapon is traditionally made from the bone of an immense predator, but recent trade with Samui has allowed most tribes to replace the blades with finely honed steel. The hilt is always wrapped with a thick layer of hide to prevent the cold metal from sticking to the wielder’s hand.

The Ame long knife is given to all hunters and crafters in the elven tribes of Ame as soon as they demonstrate the skill to wield it. It is therefore a mark of one who has been trained in the basics of combat.

It is frowned upon to engage in serious battle with the long knife, as such would not only be a sign of foolhardiness on your part but also disrespect for your opponent. The Ame hunting spear provides better reach and is the preferred weapon for serious combat by the hunter caste.

Ame long knife

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