The world in which this campaign takes place.

Simply put, Aka is a large and all-encompassing world with several diverse continents. Knowledge of all the continents and their inhabitants is not commonly known across seas, and therefore most people from one place won’t know much about places on the other end of the planet.

Known Continents of Aka:

One thing a well traveled adventurer may come to notice is the odd weather patterns of the world. In a continent there seems to be reasons for why there are mountains here, or why its cold over there. But in the world as a whole there doesn’t seem to be any pattern for continents’ shapes, geography, or climates.

In relation to this some artifacts have been found that speak of Aka as a very different place. Not well received by the public, and not well circulated across the seas, these ancient texts are somewhat of a mystery to modern-day scholars and are still being uncovered.


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