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  • Sekai

    Sekai is the northernmost continent in the world of [[Aka]]. The campaign begins in eastern Sekai. The continent is broken up into many provinces. Between the eastern provinces there isn't much trade, really, but the west is even more remote. The …

  • Shiro

    The largest city in south-eastern [[Sekai]], this harbor town is mostly populated with a mix of humans and elves (and anything in-between). The people of Shiro are generally happy, compared to those of the surrounding villages. There is some luxury to …

  • Kage

    A popular harbor city in eastern [[Sekai]], and one of the more heavily forested of the eastern provinces. Kage is located on the north side of the [[Sekai Gulf]] and southerly across the water is the [[Shiro|Shiro Province]]. The weather in Kage is …

  • Sekai Gulf

    A large gulf in the continent of Sekai, located between the [[Kage]] and [[Shiro]] Provinces. This gulf is one of the only gulfs in all of [[Aka]] and is by far the largest. Traveling across the gulf has been made easy by the traders of either capital, …

  • Amaterasu

    The largest harbor town in all of [[Sekai]], second in popularity only to the continent capital [[Hashi]]. Traveling to and from Amaterasu is very difficult for most people living in [[Sekai]]. To travel there on foot an adventurer would have to brave …

  • Hashi

    The bustling capital of [[Sekai]], Hashi has had longstanding popularity and wealth. Located on the north-eastern side of [[Sekai]], the Hashi Province is covered by various kinds of terrain. Holding the Dwarven capital [[Kuro]] in its huge mountain …

  • Kuro

    The Dwarven capital of [[Sekai]], located in the northern mountains of [[Hashi|Hashi Province]]. Kuro has eternally been a mystery to the dwellers of [[Sekai]]. After many years of trying to gain information about the culture and failing, Humans and …

  • Ao

    On the far south-eastern coast of [[Sekai]] lies the Ao Peninsula. The provincial capital is a jungle-side town, on the coast of the [[Dragon Tooth Inlet]]. Ao is filled with Halflings and is a town of mostly straw huts and hovels.

  • Dragon Tooth Inlet

    Located between the [[Ao|Ao Province]] and the [[Amaterasu|Amaterasu Province]]. The Dragon Tooth inlet gets its name from the odd shape of the two peninsulas north and south of itself, giving it a long and pointed shape.

  • Midori

    Closer to western [[Sekai]] than most of its civilized provinces, Midori's capital lies within a large forest sharing borders with [[Kage]].

  • Koi

    North and west of the [[Hashi|Hashi Province]], Koi is not often traveled to. The capital lies lakeside and is one of the smallest capital cities in eastern [[Sekai]].

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