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  • Sekai

    Sekai is the northernmost continent in the world of [[Aka]]. The campaign begins in eastern Sekai. The continent is broken up into many provinces. Between the eastern provinces there isn't much trade, really, but the west is even more remote. The …

  • Ame

    The cold and unforgiving arctic wastes of Ame, located to the south of [[Sekai]]. This continent is generally conceived as barren and unexplored, although the inhabitants might disagree. The land is mostly flat tundra, with few hills to block the harsh …

  • Hoshi

    A small continent to the east of [[Sekai]], Hoshi is the homeland of the Gnomes and their contraptions. Mostly a barren wasteland, this continent offers few comforts to travelers. One half of the continent, however, is a large valley filled with caves and …

  • Kumo

    Kumo is a small continent to the south-west of [[Ame]] (and [[Sekai]]). It is said to be a world ridden with lava and molten rock, a barren wasteland of fire and death.

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