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  • Jeffery

    [[:jeffery]] h3. Description Jeffery in an average-looking man in his mid-twenties. Standing 6' tall with short brown hair, he generally has a neutral or happy look on his face. Jeffery wears a full suit of platemail when traveling in dangerous …

  • Jeffery

    Bio is a "wiki page":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/akai-amulet/wikis/jeffery for ease of use. Jeffery traveled with the party, assisted them in escaping Shiro, and after a long trip by boat he decided to return to his former life... forgetting …

  • Freya

    She is innocent of the stone and of Kali's inhumanity, and is now living alone in Shiro. She was family to Kali and Ahn and was close to Murdock and Jeffery. She doesn't know where they've gone.

  • Mordekai

    Mordekai is the man in charge of Mordekainen's Magical Academy for the Gifted. He was recently attacked by an evil wizard and polymorphed permanently into a pseudodragon. After asking for the party's help, he was able to recover his spellbook, return to …

  • Fred

    About 5’ tall, with short hair. She’s spunky at heart but stays mostly quiet, and has been hired by Sylvester.

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