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  • Shiro

    The largest city in south-eastern [[Sekai]], this harbor town is mostly populated with a mix of humans and elves (and anything in-between). The people of Shiro are generally happy, compared to those of the surrounding villages. There is some luxury to …

  • Kage

    A popular harbor city in eastern [[Sekai]], and one of the more heavily forested of the eastern provinces. Kage is located on the north side of the [[Sekai Gulf]] and southerly across the water is the [[Shiro|Shiro Province]]. The weather in Kage is …

  • Amaterasu

    The largest harbor town in all of [[Sekai]], second in popularity only to the continent capital [[Hashi]]. Traveling to and from Amaterasu is very difficult for most people living in [[Sekai]]. To travel there on foot an adventurer would have to brave …

  • Hashi

    The bustling capital of [[Sekai]], Hashi has had longstanding popularity and wealth. Located on the north-eastern side of [[Sekai]], the Hashi Province is covered by various kinds of terrain. Holding the Dwarven capital [[Kuro]] in its huge mountain …

  • Kuro

    The Dwarven capital of [[Sekai]], located in the northern mountains of [[Hashi|Hashi Province]]. Kuro has eternally been a mystery to the dwellers of [[Sekai]]. After many years of trying to gain information about the culture and failing, Humans and …

  • Ao

    On the far south-eastern coast of [[Sekai]] lies the Ao Peninsula. The provincial capital is a jungle-side town, on the coast of the [[Dragon Tooth Inlet]]. Ao is filled with Halflings and is a town of mostly straw huts and hovels.

  • Midori

    Closer to western [[Sekai]] than most of its civilized provinces, Midori's capital lies within a large forest sharing borders with [[Kage]].

  • Koi

    North and west of the [[Hashi|Hashi Province]], Koi is not often traveled to. The capital lies lakeside and is one of the smallest capital cities in eastern [[Sekai]].

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