Grittinius Vox Vercettitrix

A burly elf clad in chainmail from the waist up and pride from the waist down, save for a small leather pouch to hide the 'goods'.


Grittinius Vox Vercettitrix
TN Wood Elf Barbarian 4
(Whirling Frenzy, Lion Totem(CChamp))

HP 37
AC 19
BAB +4
XP 6,000
Fortitude +6
Reflex +5
Will +3

STRength 20 +5
DEXterity 18 +4
CONstitution 14 +2
INTelligence 11 +0
WISdom 14 +2
CHArisma 11 +0

7 Tumble +15
7 Climb +14
7 Jump +16
7 Survival +11

Power Attack
Reckless Rage

glaive +10 melee 1d10+8×3 slashing 10ft reach
greatsword +10 melee 2d6+7 19-20/x2 slashing melee
rage glaive +11/+11 melee 1d10+12×3 slashing 10ft reach
rage sword +11/+11 melee 2d6+11 19-20/x2 slashing melee
powerattack at 2:1 up to -4/+8

Pounce: full attack on charge
Whirling Frenzy 2/day: +6 str +4 dex +2 con, extra attack at max BAB in full atks but all atks take -2, +2 rfx save
Uncanny Dodge: never flatfooted
Trapkiller: Trapfinding using survival instead of search and attack rolls instead of disable device

Gold: 650
+1 Gloves of Dexterity
+1 Glaive
+1 Elven Chain Shirt
MWK Greatsword
Pitons and Fine Rope (MWK climb tool)
Springy Boots and Leg Braces (MWK jump/tumble tool)
Camouflage Body Paint (MWK survival tool)
Leather Pouch (the kind you wear)

-Born and raised in
side a dragon by dragons, Gritt
inius grew up constantly picked on and bullied by dragons. He slew his fir
st dragon at the age of four, and then
kept himse
lf to a strict one-per
year routine until his twelfth birth
day, when he received the [[murder]] of his ent
ire family by dragons as a present.


* * * * * * * * * FUCK forsooth

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Grittinius Vox Vercettitrix

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