Travis Swiftfoot

A Gnome Factotum with a quick mind and a betraying smile.


Travis Swiftfoot Male, Age 32 TN Hp: 41 Gnome/5th Lvl Factotum/1st Lvl Bard Xp: 15000 Gold: -
Str: 10/0(5)
Con: 15/2
Dex: 11/0(5)
Int: 20/5
Wis: 12/1
Cha: 18/4

BAB: +3
Fort: +1+2=3
Ref: +4
Will: +1+1=2
Spell Level 2
Inspiration Points: 4

Gnome Hooked Hammer+1: 1d6+1/1d4+1×3/x4 bludgeoning/piercing
Masterwork Whip: (15ft/Provokes AoO/Makes trip attacks/+2 attack roll to disarm)
Light Crossbow: 1d6 19-20/x2
Armour: Chainshirt AC4/Bracers AC +2

Low Light Vision
+2 saves against illusions
+1 attack rolls against kobolds and goblinoids
+4 dodge to armour class against giants.
Spell like abilities- 1/day speak with animals (burrowing mammals), dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation, darkness.
(Factotum Spells: Ray of Enfeeblement, True Strike, Pyrotechnics)
Cunning Insight- Before attacking or damage or saving, spend 1 IP to gain a competence bonus equal Int. Use it any time.
Cunning Knowledge- Spend 1 Ip and gain current factotum level on skills. Use once per day.
Arcane Dilettante- Use 1 IP and make a spell as a spell-like ability. Caster level equals your level in this character class. Saving throw is 10+Spell level+Int. Can use metamagic.
Brains over Brawn- Gain Int as a modifier on Str checks, Dex checks, and checks involving skills based on Str or Dex.
Cunning Defense- Spend 1 IP gain your Int as dodge bonus to AC against 1 opponent one round. Free action. Use multiple times against multiple enemies but not on one foe.
Cunning Strike- Spend 1 IP and gain 1d6 sneak attack damage. Factotum level as rouge level.
Bardic Knowledge
Counter Song
Bardic Music (once per day)
Inspire Courage
Bard Spells (two per day): Detect Magic, Mending, Mage Hand, Summon Instrument.
Oppotunistic Piety- Spend 1 IP to heal/harm undead/turn undead 3+WIS times a day. Heal/harm at twice my Factotum lvl + INT. Turn undead at Factotum lvl as Cleric lvl. Cannot command undead.

Gnome Tunnel Acrobatics
Combat Puppeteer- If use tumble skill to avoid an opponent’s AoO, you may use this next round. Make a double move and attempt tumble check -5 to avoid enemies AoO. If succeed, enemy misses you and strikes an opponent of my choice.
Tunnel Scrambler- If you strike at an opponent with a wall on two sides of their space, you may use this next round. Make a tumble check to move through their space. On success, you stop in their space and attack as a full round action. If check fails, you provoke an AoO. If hits, you move foe 5 feet in a direction of my choice. If miss, I return to the space I started the maneuver.
Wall Leaper- Drop from a wall and land adjacent to a creature can make one attack as a standard action. Counts as charge and I gain bonus damage equal to the damage I would take from fall.
Undermountain Tactics
Stair King- Must have high ground. If I hit with two or more melee attacks in one turn, opponent must make a balance check (DC10+my str) or be knocked prone. Opponent can opt to succeed and lose their move action next turn.
Tunnel Fighter- Must be a melee target and have a wall on two sides of me. When attacked, I gain +2 bonus AC due to cover. You also block line of sight for any spells, though friends can fire through me.
Door Sentinel- Stand in a doorway, or opening, fighting. For 1st round after fighting defensively, I gain +4 bonus on all str and dex checks to resist bull rush or trip. Any tumble check to avoid an AoO takes -5 on the check. Tumbling through my space takes -10.
Victor’s Luck- (Luck) Re-roll a critical threat to a confirmation.

Appraise 1+5+2
Balance 1+5
Bluff 3+4
Climb 2+5+2
Concentration 1+2
Craft (alchemy) 1+2+5+2
Craft (poison) 2+5+2 Craft (trap) 3+5+2
Decipher Script 2+5
Diplomacy 2+4+2
Disable Device 1+5+2
Disguise 2+4+2
Escape Artist 2+5
Forgery 3+5
Gather Information 2+5
Handle Animal 1+4
Heal 1+1+2
Hide 1+5+4
Intimidate 2+4
Jump 1+5
Knowledge (Arcana) 1+5
Knowledge (Bardic) 5+5
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) 2+5
Knowledge (History) 5+5
Knowledge (Nature) 2+5
Knowledge (Navigation) 1+5
Knowledge (Religion) 1+5
Listen 1+2+1
Move Silently 5+5
Open Lock 2+5+2
Perform (Oratory) 2+4
Perform (Lute) 3+4
Profession (Author) 1+1
Ride 1+5
Search 2+5+5
Sense Motive 2+1
Sleight of Hand 2+5
Speak Language (Abyssal, Celestial, Giant, Sylvan)
Spellcraft 2+5
Spot 2+1
Survival 2+1
Swim 1+5
Tumble 5+5
Use Magic Device 5+4
Use Rope 1+5

Common, Gnome, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Goblin

(Inside Bag of Holding II)
Caltrops, Candle, Crowbar, Flint and Steel, Grapple Hook, Hammer, Ink, Lantern Hooded, Oil, Rope Silk, Vial, Acid, Antitoxin, Holy Water, Alchemist’s Lab, Artisan’s Tools Masterwork, Magnifying Glass, Lute, Spellbook, Thieves’ Tools Masterwork, Silver Holy Symbol, Wooden Unholy Symbol, Healers Kit, Climbers Kit, Disguise Kit, Thunderstone, Tindertwig, Alchemist’s Fire x4, Moderate Health Potion x4, copy of ‘The Gods Delusions’ ‘How to Charm Fiends and Influence Devils’ and an unfinished copy of ‘There and Back Again, A Gnome’s Tale by Travis Swiftfoot’, x17 bolts, lard, twine ball, mirror, stakes x5.
Bag of Devouring named George.
Self written I.O.U addressing Sylvester over 2000gp
Cloak of Invisibility (3 rounds, command word ‘Galansian’)
Ring of Substance
Goggles of Minuteseeing
Ring of Delay Poison
Headband of INT+2
Necklace+1 CHA


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Travis Swiftfoot

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