Sylvester Tails

Bounty hunting sorcerer for D&D 3.5

Human Sorcerer
lvl 4
Chaotic Neutral

Spellgifted (evocation) (+1 CL evocation, -1 CL other)

HP 26
AC 13 (17 w/ mage armor)
BAB +2
XP 6,000
Fortitude +4
Reflex +6
Will +5

STRength 6 -2
DEXterity 16 +3
CONstitution 16 +3
INTelligence 12 +1
WISdom 13 +1
CHArisma 20 +5

7 Concentration +12
7 Bluff +13
7 Gather Information +13
7 Knowledge (arcana) +10

Spells Per Day:
level 0: 6
level 1: 8
level 2: 4

Draconic Heritage (+2 vs sleep, paralysis, [fire])
Draconic Power (+1 to CL and save DC for [fire] spells)
Extra Spell

Spells Known:
DC 14 + spell level + 1 if evocation
lvl name
0 Prestidigitation
0 Ray of Fire
0 Light
0 Dancing Lights
0 Detect Magic
0 Mage Hand
1 Burning Hands
1 Mage Armor
1 Feather Fall
2 Fireburst (10ft burst 5d8 [fire] damage, reflex half)
2 Combust (touch attack for 6d8 fire, DC 15 reflex/ignite)

Gold: 200
Greatcoat of +2 Charisma
Hobo gloves of +1 Dexterity
Concealing Scarf (Masterwork Bluff tool)
Prayer Beads (Masterwork Concentration tool)
Notetome (Masterwork Gather Information tool)
Reference Book (Masterwork Knowledge (arcana) tool)

Opus the Skunk (+2 reflex)
(use weasel stats)

Sylvester is the son of Amadeus and Natalie Tails. He was accepted into a prestigious magic academy, but constantly got into trouble for ignoring his studies and focusing all his energy on learning incredibly destructive and advanced spells. He eventually fled the school with a huge book of advanced spells. The school put out a bounty on his head to get the book back. A whole bunch of people are after him and he became a bounty hunter and stuff. All the fire he casts is purple.

Sylvester Tails

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