A Half Giant with a full Giant heart... by that I mean he has mind swords!


Philip Male, Age 54 CG Hp: 51 Half-Giant ECL6/5th Lvl Soul Knife Xp: 15700 Gold: 2500
Str: 20/5
Con: 18/4
Dex: 14/2
Int: 11/0
Wis: 14/2
Cha: 13/1

BAB: +3
Fort: +1+1+1
Ref: +4+2+1
Will: +4+2+1

Armour: Chainshirt+2 AC6/Ring of Deflection +1 AC1

Giant- Is not subject to spell that effect humanoids only.
Low Light Vision
Fire Acclimated- +2 racial bonus on saving throws against fire spells and effects.
Powerful Build- Considered to be one size larger but not size-wise.
Naturally Psionic- +2pp (+2pp) Psi-Like Abilities- 1/day ‘Stomp’ range 20ft, failed saves are knocked to the ground and are prone, 1d4 non-lethal damage per pp spent, manifest level is 1/2 HD, save DC is Cha based.
Mind Blade- 1d6 dam 19-20/x2 +1
Weapon Focus (Mind Blade)
Wild Talent
Throw Mind Blade (30ft)
Psychic Strike- 1d8 dam to minded creatures, move action to manifest
Free Draw
Shape Mind Blade- Full Round Action x2 short swords, long sword 1d8, bastard sword 1d10

Improved Unarmed Fighting
Improved Grapple

Climb 7+5
Hide 5+2
Intimidate 4+1
Jump 6+5+10
Move Silently 5+2
Tumble 5+2

Common, Gnome, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Goblin

Chain Shirt +2
Girdle of Survival (Con +1)
Ring of Deflection +1
Boots of Striding and Springing (+10ft move +10 Jump)
Cloak of Resistance +1


Philip was born without a proper name other then “You!” Far away where You did not know where, You toiled for a dark wizard slaving with other members of his ‘family’. That evil mage had conjured You and others like him into existence through the blood of humans and giants themselves to create the perfect slave. They were mostly brain dead and were fit and strong, able to carry weights and make perfect guards. However, when you was made, he had a spark of brilliance that shot into his mind like the clash of lightning and thunder. His mind was amazing.

While questioning his existence to work beside the heat of furnaces, You began to want a way to break free. He wanted it so bad. He wanted it with every fiber of his being. He wanted to see outside the walls he had worked in for more then fifty years of his life. You wanted out! This focus ignited You’s mind like a blast from a Gnomish bomb and he realized he was able to created energy out from his arms. He was able to focus it into something… anything. he had to to get out. The whips the guards used on him weren’t going to be enough to break through chains but those swords his zombie-like brothers and sisters had were probably apt to do so. So he focused and he wanted and he was able to created blades from his own mental energies shooting forth from his arms! He cut down those chains! He cut past the guards! He cut down the doors and he ran!

His feet were blistered, cracked and seeped with blood at every step before he realized that he was safe. His captor could not follow him. He sat down and rested. If he could survive the night, he would live.
He lay down on the grassy hill and gazed up into the sky for the first time without fear. He looked up and wondered at all the points of light and if that was some kind of magic. He felt the cool air breeze on his face; You had only felt the furnace’s fiery breath all his life. And there, the eight foot giant of a man slept freely.

The next morning he woke to a pack of wolves growling for food. They came at him one by one leaping at his neck to slash his jugular and grabbing at his feet to pull him down. You was a strong man and threw them to the ground only killing two with his blades. He let the others go free. He realized then, he would be weak alone. He was wounded and without others help, he could not make it in this strange world.

He traveled for more then a week before finding a human civilization. A small farming village. The fruit and vegetables grown were tasty and so were the sheep he caught. That’s when he met a small child, no higher then his leg. The boy told him not to eat the food and that he will ask his dad if he could stay in the barn. He ask the enormous man his name. You replied, “You.”
The boy frowned and said his name but wanted the man’s name. The giant replied again. The boy laughed and said the giant could be called Philip. It was the name of the boys horse who was strong and very caring.

This was the moment Philip came to realize he was not in that slave pit anymore. He was free.


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