The Akai Amulet

The First Encounter

What happens when you get these guys in a room together.

Ok, so here’s the rundown of our first, 12-hour session.

Everyone was in Shiro, and they got a quest from a woman named Freya to save her lover and her lover’s daughter (Kali and Ahn respectively). When they left for the Shiro Ruins they encountered enraged owlbears and a small doppelganger’s body (which they came to know was Ahn).

Inside the ruins they found more owlbears, a stash of rubies, and Kali. She stood in front of an altar, holding upon it a glowing red stone, and when she saw them she attacked. The party ended up killing Kali, reverting her to her natural doppelganger form, and the stone stopped glowing brightly, but still pulsed slightly. They took it with them back to Shiro.

When they got back to Freya they (Sylvester) lied about killing Kali and about the survival of the party, and questioned her about their inhumanity. She was clueless and distraught, and gave them a hat of disguise. Evayna then told gave Freya a ruby and her lover’s shell necklace, and later returned disguised as Kali to tell her that she loves Freya but she’s dangerous and she needs to leave and find out what happened.

The party left to question Murdock and sell their loot. After asking him for all his information about the ruins and about dragons, they convinced him to seal the ruins. As he left, they began to rob his home and steal everything valuable he had. Being informed of this break-in he returned, and after struggling with Sylvester and Grittinius he was kidnapped by them and taken to Amaterasu.

After helping them escape the town safely Jeffery decided to remove himself from the chaos and return home to Shiro. He caught a boat back the same day.

Now Murdock has been convinced to stay with the party temporarily to help them gather information. His loyalty is questionable though.



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