The Akai Amulet

Second time around

I have a hard time remembering now...

The basic rundown of the evening: The party left from Amaterasu for Hashi, looking to get information from Mordekai. After traveling for a little under a week they arrived, and were immediately approached by a small creature (that was following them). This creature was Mordekai, who had been transformed into a pseudodragon by an evil wizard (he claimed) and was kicked out of his academy. The party agreed to help him get back what he’d lost and after infiltrating the tower and killing some hostile mages, they discovered the evil wizard. They took him out and came to realize he had been controlling many of the people in the tower.

Once Mordekai had been returned to his human form he removed the bounty on Sylvester’s head. He met with Evayna and Travis about the stones and the dragon’s activity, and gave them any information he had pertaining to their quest (as well as a fine reward for helping him). Soon after discovering that the red dragon had headed east, the party agreed to sail to the next continent over (Hoshi) and try to catch up with it. Sylvester had bought tickets ahead of time (!) and so once the party reached Amaterasu they boarded and sailed instantly, taking Murdock with them.

The sailing itself was calm and simple, but tempers rose and deceit struck the hearts of our party. On the first night Travis became aware of Sylvester’s treachery (selling the items he was entrusted with) and stole all of Sylvester’s belongings he could find – throwing them overboard as revenge. Vox and Sylvester heard him stir in the night and found Travis up on deck. After threatening to throw him overboard they calmed themselves and went back to sleep.

A few days later, Vox attempted to murder Murdock in his sleep. Unfortunately for Vox, Murdock awoke as we was preparing to strike and ran out of the cabin up onto deck. During his attempt to alert the captain, Murdock was brutally destroyed by Vox. The captain sentenced Vox to stay below deck for the rest of the trip, and the crew gave Murdock a burial at sea.

The party has just arrived on the shore of Hoshi, and as the boat prepares to sail back to Sekai, the party prepares to enter the gnomish jungles.



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